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4DReplay Sports

Sports analysis 4D video production.

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4DReplay Sports

Easy and Fast system.

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4DReplay Sports

Various video Presets.

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  • 4DReplay Sports

4D Sports analysis image system.

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Easy and fast sports 4D analysis.

4DReplay sports is the real time sports 4D analysis system.


The video can be showed in screen within 8 seconds.


Catching the moment what you want at once.


Commentators can analyze the game actively.

Freeze Your Motion

Easy and fast system using Time slice technology.

System Details

Resolution : 1920x1080px
Lenz : power zoom 16-50mm
Focus : Auto/Manual Focus
Shooting system : video recording/photo shooting
Software : 4DReplay

  • Feature

    Remote focus/zoom control

  • Field

    • Baseball
    • Golf
    • Horse Race
    • Athletics
    • ETC.



4DReplay's own technologies.


VMCC(virtual Motion Control Camera) techniques, using 4K video.

4DDirector serves excellent visuals by introducing VMCC techniques on the time slice for the first time. The video is produced by 4K(3840 X 2160) video.

3D virtual Logo

You can insert 3D image, logo, and advertisements materials for company to plan effective advertising.


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